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Surfaceglaze offer a variety of services designed to save you time and money, eliminating the need for replacement.


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The Surface Glaze Process

The Surfaceglaze process involves less mess, less time and less expense than conventional replacement.
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The Surfaceglaze Process

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Five quick and undisruptive steps to get your surfaces looking like new...

The Surfaceglaze Process
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Our refined resurfacing process ensures that your surfaces are quickly transformed with a minimum amount of disruption to your home or business.

Our fantastic team of experienced engineers are fully trained in the latest resfuracing techniques specifically designed to produce maximum results with minimal disruption time to you. We employ a variety of processes, the particular one we use will depend entirely on the type of surface material that needs resurfacing, but essentially the basic steps are the same.

The following example illustrates the main steps involved in the resurfacing of a enamel bath.

After taking away the original coating and applying special products we are able to create a brand new surface.

Resurfaced Bath

Any fixture resurfaced or repaired.

Step 1

Step 1: Sealant Removal

Any existing sealant around the bath is carefully removed to allow resurfacing to extend under the tiles.

Step 1

Step 2: Surface Cleaning

The surface is cleaned thoroughly to remove any soap film, oils, and mineral deposits. that have gathered during everyday use.

Step 1

Step 3: Masking

All surrounding areas are skillfully masked off to ensure that our coating system is only applied to the surfaces that are being treated.

Step 1

Step 4: Surface Etching

Our unique bonding agent is safely applied to the clean surface resulting in a strong holding base for the new surface to be applied.

Step 1

Step 5: Spray Coating

The surface is then sprayed with our unique formulated spray coating material,that is specifically designed to create a brand new surface.

After the final spray coating has been applied the bath is left to dry for approximately 24 hours.

Any chips, scratches, and rust will now have disappeared and in their place is a tough, shining new surface that is easy to clean and capable of lasting for many years to come. We've no doubt that you'll be pleasantly surprised at how new the bath looks after the Surfaceglaze treatment, better still you will have saved yourself a fortune in replacement costs.

This procedure can be applied to cast iron, enamel, and plastic/acrylic baths, sink, toilets, shower trays and tiles.

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Surfaceglaze Process
The Surfaceglaze Process

Dont replace it Surfaceglaze it

Save up to 75% of the cost of replacement.

  • No need for new fixtures
  • No installation costs or mess
  • Minimum disruption time
  • Work done on your premises

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If you are interested in learning more about the benefits that resurfacing can provide to your home or business then please call our customer service department on 01484 641 200 or leave your details with us and we will get back to you.

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