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Surfaceglaze offer a variety of services designed to save you time and money, eliminating the need for replacement.


Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts by Surfaceglaze

  • Landlords
  • Hotels
  • Care Homes
One-offs or large scale projects
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Our Process

The Surface Glaze Process

The Surfaceglaze process involves less mess, less time and less expense than conventional replacement.
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Stonefleck Resurfacing

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Stonefleck resurfacing by Surfaceglaze

Get that superior stone or granite look in an instant without the need for expensive replacement.

  • Kitchen Worktops
  • Interior & Exterior Walls
  • Cabinate Doors
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Stonefleck is a revoluntionary spray coating sytem that can be applied to worktops, cabinate doors, walls, and floors to give the realistic effect of Stone or Granite.

Ideal for homeowners, apartment mangers and hotel operators, this exciting breakthrough product creates a sophisicated, realistic look of stone and granite on multiple surfaces and can be applied quickly and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Once applied stonefleck forms a tough durable finish that not only protects your surfaces but also looks fantastic too. The newly applied surface is highly resistant to spills and stains making it a breeze to clean with standard soap and water.

Stonefleck Colour Range

At Surfaceglaze we stock a wide range of colours and effects to choose from allowing you to create a fresh new look or maintain integrity with your existing decor.

Call us today to see how much you can save. Tel 01484 641 200

This is a truly amazing product that is ideally suited for largecale redecoration as well as one-off residential applications.

Stonefleck Pebbles

Any fixture resurfaced or repaired.

Stoneflecked Tiles

A wide range of finishes to choose from...

We hold a large range of finishes and effects that can either be applied to match your current decor or give you a whole new look. Our advisers will be able to show you a coolection of the latest trends when they visit. If you have a more specific requirement please don't hesitate to ask.

Glacia White Stonefleck
Glacia White
White Vein Stonefleck
White Vein
Silverstone Stonefleck
Granite Stonefleck
Charcoal Stonefleck
Midnight Sky Stonefleck
Midnight Sky

Fossil Stonefleck
Goldmine Stonefleck
Dessert Bone Stonefleck
Dessert Bone
Boulder Stonefleck
Almond Crust Stonefleck
Almond Crust
Sandstone Stonefleck

Limestone Stonefleck
Mesa Stone Stonefleck
Mesa Stone
Marble Stonefleck
River Rock Stonefleck
River Rock
Clay Stonefleck
Fieldstone Stonefleck

Cliff Stonefleck
Beach Sand Stonefleck
Beach Sand
Galena Stonefleck
Landslide Stonefleck
Telluride Stonefleck
Java Stonefleck
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Examples of our resurfacing

Dont replace it Surfaceglaze it

Save up to 75% of the cost of replacement.

  • No need for new fixtures
  • No installation costs or mess
  • Minimum disruption time
  • Work done on your premises

Find Out How Much You Could Save...

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits that resurfacing can provide to your home or business then please call our customer service department on 01484 641 200 or leave your details with us and we will get back to you.

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