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Surfaceglaze offer a variety of services designed to save you time and money, eliminating the need for replacement.


Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts by Surfaceglaze

  • Landlords
  • Hotels
  • Care Homes
One-offs or large scale projects
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Our Process

The Surface Glaze Process

The Surfaceglaze process involves less mess, less time and less expense than conventional replacement.
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Anti-Slip Application

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Resurfaced Bath by Surfaceglaze

Ensure the safety of you family or tennants with our unique Anti-Slip surfaces for bath and showers bases.

  • Clear or coloured for extra visibilty
  • Meets European Din Standards
  • Guaranteed for up to 2 years
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Our Anti-Slip surfaces are used by many leading hotel groups, including Holiday Inns and is applied by a growing number of international sanitary fittings manufacturers.

AntiSlip is a transparent polyurethane water-based coating which is flexible and waterproof with excellent adhesive qualities and is available in 2 grades;

  • BASIC: ideal for applications such as acrylic & enamel bathtubs / shower trays, bathroom floors and swimming pool surrounds.

  • ES: similar to Basic but has much stronger properties developed specifically for tougher environments such as ramps, boat decks, stairs, stone floors, galleries and commercial kitchens.

AntiSlip is dirt and water repellent and requires minimal maintenance to retain its anti-slip properties. The coating can be easily removed without causing any damage to the underlying surface.
Both of our anti-slip surfaces are guaranteed for 2 years on internal applications and 1 year on outdoor applications. It should be noted however, that with sensible cleaning and maintenance, a life expectancy of 5+ years is not unusual.

Why use Anti Slip?

Accidents caused by slipping are increasing each year - in the home, at the workplace and even during leisure time, with a serious slip incident recorded every 3 minutes!

According to the Health & Safety Executive official report of 2006, slips & trips account for;
  • 33% of all reported major injuries
  • 50% of all reported accidents to members of the public
  • Cost to UK economy in excess of £1 billion a year
  • Cost to UK Health Service £130 million a year

Anti Slip in the shape of your logo or motif

Antislip is applied by rolling our special coating through a template onto the base of your bath tub or shower tray. If you are able to supply us with simple artwork in either eps or ai format we can produce the template in the shape of your logo or motif. We can also apply a colour of your choice or stonefleck effect to provide a striking contrast against a white bath or shower tray base.

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Antislip can be applied quickly and easily to both old and new surfaces

Bathroom Fixtures

Company branding can be applied for commercial enterprises

Sink Repair by Surfaceglaze
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Examples anti-slip patterns

Dont replace it Surfaceglaze it

Save up to 75% of the cost of replacement.

  • No need for new fixtures
  • No installation costs or mess
  • Minimum disruption time
  • Work done on your premises

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