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Surfaceglaze offer a variety of services designed to save you time and money, eliminating the need for replacement.


Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts by Surfaceglaze

  • Landlords
  • Hotels
  • Care Homes
One-offs or large scale projects
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Our Process

The Surface Glaze Process

The Surfaceglaze process involves less mess, less time and less expense than conventional replacement.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How much will I save by refinishing over replacement?

Surfaceglaze can save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds over the cost of bathtub, tile surround, or worktop replacement.

2. What colors are available?

Surfaceglaze have a number of standard colors. We also use custom color-matching technology that would allow us to match your own.

3. How long will a refinished bathtub last ?

Surfaceglaze use products designed specifically for bathtub refinishing. The durability is very similar to that of a new bathtub. If properly maintained and no abrasive chemicals are used for cleaning it will last you many years.

4. Does a refinished bathtub look painted?

This is a common question. The materials we use is more like a coating than a paint. Our coating is designed to give the appearance of a new porcelain bathtub.

5. How long will it take to refinish a bathtub, or worktop?

Bathtub and tile surround can be done in a day. Bathtubs will take about 4-5 hours. Worktops take 1 to 2 days.

6. How long before I can use my refinished bathtub, or worktop?

Bathtub can be used in 24 hours. Worktops can be used lightly in 72 hours.

7. What about chips, cracks, stains or burns?

Surfaceglaze can repair most chips, cracks, stains or burns on the surface being refinished.

8. Do you use etching on porcelain surfaces?

Etching porcelain to maximize adhesion is an integral part of the refinishing process and provides superior service life for your refinished bathtub or tile. Some refinishing companies skip this process to save time or money. Industry wide studies and laboratory testing have shown that etching is a critical step in the process in order to maximize adhesion and give the finished products the longest-lasting durability possible.

9. Can a previous refinished tub be refinished?

Yes, Surfaceglaze will strip the old finish off and clean the tub before we refinish it.

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Save up to 75% of the cost of replacement.

  • No need for new fixtures
  • No installation costs or mess
  • Minimum disruption time
  • Work done on your premises

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